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In-House Courses 2024

1 – Criminal Law Update 2024

2 – The Billing of Criminal Legal Aid
3 – The Duty Solicitor at the Police Station
4 – The Duty Solicitor at the Magistrates' Court
5 – Advising on Road Traffic Law generally
6 – Evidence Update for Criminal Practitioners

These courses have been written and are available for presentation online.


Face-to-face presentations are subject to negotiation.


Each course has been written to last for 6 hours.


It is a matter for the client as to how long they wish the presentation to be – they could have as little as 1-hour or as many as 6.


Regardless of the length of the presentation the notes for the full 6-hour course will be provided.


The fee structure is very simple – it is £250 plus VAT for each hour of a presentation.


Delegate numbers we leave to you – it is the same hourly rate whether you bring 6 attendees  to the presentation or 60! – not all of the attendees may be from your own firm – we leave that entirely up to you.

Kind regards,

Colin Beaumont

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