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Training for 2024

Here at Legaleagle Training Ltd we specialise in delivering training in all aspects of criminal law to both Solicitors and Barristers.

This year we are going to offer 2 1-hour ZOOM presentations each month covering topics of importance to criminal practitioners. The cost of each Zoom presentation is £75 plus VAT unless stated otherwise in the advertising material. Details of the Zoom presentations for 2024 can be found by clicking 'LT Zoom Presentations 2024' in the box to the right.

Each Zoom presentation is fully recorded and comes with a set of notes. We have been doing these Zoom presentations now since September 2020 and past presentations are available for purchase. Details of these can be found by clicking 'Available Course Recordings' in the box to the right.

If you want something tailored to your needs - get in touch!

If you require one-to-one training on a particular topic - get in touch!

You can ring or text Colin Beaumont on (07887) 842985 or send an email to

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