Hello, Everyone

My name is Colin Beaumont and I am the Managing Director of Legaleagle Training Ltd., a company I formed in 2008 to provide CPD training to the legal profession.

As we speak, the world is broken and we none of us know whether the pieces can be put back together again. There was talk on the radio the other day of some form of social distancing for months to come.


Who knows whether or not we shall ever sit in a room together again? Life will go on and ongoing training will continue to be a professional requirement; the format, however, will be very different.


There are, of course, lots of ways to deliver online training and I am in the process of  learning a whole new set of skills I never thought I'd ever have to master. One idea has captured my interest however, and that relates to a request from a Law Society client of mine to deliver 1- 3 hour training sessions via Zoom


You may have seen and heard me over the past 30 years or so of offering training to the profession and most of you, I hope, have an idea of what to expect from one of my sessions. If you have never heard of me, you can get an idea of my teaching style from the videos here.

1-3 hour live training sessions with an interactive aspect to them has great appeal for me and I have decided to offer a number of them over the next few months as In-house courses for Legal firms. You can find the 30+ courses available here:






I present these courses via Zoom. We have purchased Zoom and it is very easy to use. We just send the delegates an email and they click on the link in order to participate in the event.

You choose whatever you want but I have put in bold the 5 most popular requests.

You choose the start and finishing times.

You choose the length of the session.


The fee structure is very simple and as follows:


1 hour = £250

2 hours = £500

3 hours = £750

The figures shown above are the the fees for the complete presentation - they are not per person. They are the total fees irrespective of how many delegates attend.

Regardless of the length of the session, there will be time afterwards for Q&A’s.

There will be full notes to accompany each session.

I have found that delegates seem to appreciate the 1-hour session the most. It is a new method of training and we are all getting used to the idea of not being ‘face to face’.

Delegate numbers I leave entirely up to you. It makes no odds to me.



Currently taking bookings for 2021

If you are interested in booking (or just want more details of) any of the courses, please use the contact form (see button below) to leave your email address. I will then be in touch to discuss your requirements.with you.