Following on from the successful presentation in relation to the changes to criminal legal aid, Colin Beaumont will be presenting another live interactive ZOOM presentation on Wednesday the 14th of this very month (October) – 16.00 – 17.00 in relation to:

The Billing of Criminal Legal Aid for Police Station and Magistrates’ Court work.




The following topics will be under consideration

  • Court Appointments (important case-law)

  • Certificates for Counsel

  • Enhancements

  • The importance of entering ‘mixed pleas’ wherever possible (Category 2)

  • The new fee for ‘Sendings’

  • Deciding how many ‘cases’ you have when it comes to billing them

  • The circumstances in which 2 fees may be claimed when dealing with one client at the police station

  • Conflict and the effect upon fees

  • The circumstances in which the claim must always be on a CRM 7

  • Enhanced rates

  • The ‘Great Escape’

  • Time periods for billing

  • Being the second firm on the police station case

  • The huge distinction (and the difference in the Fee!) Between being ‘sent’ to the Crown Court and being ‘committed for sentence’ to the Crown Court

  • Escaping Standard Fees and claiming a Non-Standard Fee

  • Moving from the Lower Standard Fee to the Higher Standard Fee

  • The importance of Statutory Instrument 2016 No.313,

  • The importance of the Standard Crime Contract – Specification Document (all important documents will appear in the course materials)


It will be a live session conducted via Zoom. There is absolutely no requirement for any attendee to have purchased Zoom. We just send you an email and you click onto the link.

Anyone wishing to attend this training session should submit their email address to us using the contact form here. Places are limited so don’t leave it until the last minute. Do please include in your email your contact details including the details to assist us in the sending of an invoice.

Invoices will only be sent to persons attending the training session or those wishing for the recording of the presentation (together with the accompanying notes/documents).

These will be sent the day after the presentation and the normal terms of business apply i.e. payment within 28 days – the cost for each person attending is £50 +VAT

The session will be fully interactive and last for 1-hour (with additional time for Q&A’s).

The session will be recorded and a copy available upon request.

Each person wishing to attend will receive (via email) the course materials and a link whereby they can access the training session whether they have downloaded Zoom or not.

The link will be sent out to every person wishing to attend the day before the actual presentation itself.

As the experienced ones amongst you will know, decisions made at that early hearing in the Magistrates’ Court may have a great impact upon the Fee eventually claimed.

© 2020 Colin Beaumont


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