The ZOOM presentations for the remainder of 2021 are as follows:



Thursday 29th of July – Police Station Advice (Part 2) - 4pm-5pm

Thursday 26th of August – the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 - 4pm-5pm

Thursday 29th of September – Criminal Case-law 2021 update - 4pm-5pm

Thursday 28th of October – Legislation Update - 4pm-5pm

Thursday 25th of November – Abuse of Process - 4pm-5pm

Thursday, 16th December – Penalty Points/Special Reasons/Disqualifications from driving.

- 4pm-5pm

As you know, there is a requirement to keep professionally up-to-date and we must assume that many of our regular attendees are finding that these 1-hour ZOOM presentations provide the perfect opportunity to do just that.