Future Zoom Presentations

Friday 13th May - A Spring 2022 Case-law Update for Criminal Practitioners

Tuesday 31st May - A Spring Criminal Law Update 2022 for Criminal Practitioners

Monday 13th June – 25 Important issues for consideration when advising suspects at the police station stage

Thursday 30th June –The police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022

Thursday 14th July – A 2022 procedural update for practitioners in the Adult Magistrates' Court

Friday 29th July – A 2022 sentencing update for practitioners in the Youth Court, Adult Magistrates' Court and Crown Court

Tuesday16th August –25 things for Magistrates' Court trial advocates

Wednesday 31st of August – Where are we now on criminal legal aid? – The 2022 amendments

Tuesday 13th September – An Autumn update for the Duty Solicitor