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It is important to keep up to date with case-law handed down by the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. We all know that the problem is finding the time to do so!!

Some of the judgements run to 100 paragraphs + and would take you the best part of a day to assimilate.

This course also comes with an EXCELLENT SET OF NOTES – summaries (some of which are very detailed) of important case-law from the years 2021, 2020 and 2019.

75+ cases in all



The following 12 cases are just a sample of those which will be covered during this presentation:

1 – Plaku,Plaku, Bourdon and Smith – The important issue of CREDIT

2 – Eslick and Regina – Disparity of sentencing between Co-defendants

3 – Regina v Parker – Qualifying Curfews

4 – Gould, Moffat, Brown, Mugenzi – Section 66 of the Courts Act 2003

5 – Regina and Umerji – SENDING in absence to the Crown Court      

6 – Chipunza and Regina – Hotel room – burglary of a dwelling?

7 – Regina and Palmer – Extensions and adjustments of a disqualification

8 – Regina and Johnstone – Know your committals for sentence Sections

9 – Regina v Brunton – Suspended sentences of custody

10 – Regina v Devonport – ‘Loss of time’ Orders

11 – R v Bedward – Text messages and the law on hearsay

12 – David Barton/Rosemary Booth – The definitive test of ‘dishonesty’

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