Feedback from Course delegates

Just a very small sample of the comments people have been kind enough to make about my courses over the past 12 months.

"Excellent course and will sign up to more with Colin this year."

"Well delivered session."

"Always an entertaining speaker."

"Very interesting and very useful.

"Excellent course."

"Informative as always."

"Kept my attention throughout."

"Excellent speaker who engaged everyone."

"Gave clear examples using relevant cases."

"Excellent trainer and course."

"Very well presented, fast moving, humorous update."

"Engaging & very knowledgeable."

"Very engaging - interesting presenter."

"Always easy to listen to, makes discussions interesting and interactive."

"The material was very well prepared and very detailed."

"Really interesting tutor. I really enjoyed the style of tutoring - discussing relevant cases."

“Yesterday I attended the above course. Over the last 20 years I’ve been on many such events to gather my 6 “points” needed to keep up my licence as a police station rep. I have been lectured by many “experts” in my field but none as skilful as Colin Beaumont from Cleethorpes. His delivery, his notes and his timing were excellent and at no time did I find myself nodding off!

When we finished (at 4.30-a good time to get out of London and avoid the rush hour) I thanked Colin and said that if he and I had not retired by this time next year I would  hope to meet him again.

PS. I’ve ordered his handbook on Amazon. Good value at £24.”

"I always enjoy his approach to the materials and engaging teaching method."

"One of the best courses I have attended in years."

"Great. Made the whole course interesting, fun and informative."

"Very good tutor and very knowledgeable and personable."