The Billing of Police Station and Magistrates' Court work


The following topics will be under consideration

  • Court Appointments (important case-law)

  • Certificates for Counsel

  • Enhancements

  • The importance of entering ‘mixed pleas’ wherever possible (Category 2)

  • The new fee for ‘Sendings’

  • Deciding how many ‘cases’ you have when it comes to billing them

  • The circumstances in which 2 fees may be claimed when dealing with one client at the police station

  • Conflict and the effect upon fees

  • The circumstances in which the claim must always be on a CRM 7

  • Enhanced rates

  • The ‘Great Escape’

  • Time periods for billing

  • Being the second firm on the police station case

  • The huge distinction (and the difference in the Fee!) Between being ‘sent’ to the Crown Court and being ‘committed for sentence’ to the Crown Court

  • Escaping Standard Fees and claiming a Non-Standard Fee

  • Moving from the Lower Standard Fee to the Higher Standard Fee

  • The importance of Statutory Instrument 2016 No.313,

  • The importance of the Standard Crime Contract – Specification Document (all important documents will appear in the course materials)